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What are Tekla Structures and Why It is one of the Best Career Option now?

The most sophisticated structural 3D modelling BIM software is Tekla Structures. With cutting-edge features and capability for developing, examining, and modifying model-based information, Tekla Structures is used to generate and design a completely detailed 3D model of steel or concrete structures.

Tekla Structures’ Main Characteristics

·      Tekla Structures can help you work more efficiently.

The most sophisticated structural BIM software, Tekla Structures, enables you to generate, integrate, manage, and distribute multi-material 3D models loaded with useful construction data.

Tekla Structures can be used for design, detailing, and information management throughout the whole project, from the conceptual planning of buildings and infrastructure to fabrication, construction, and maintenance.

·      All your structural data in the accurate 3D model

Tekla Structures allows you to produce precise, detailed 3D models with all the structural information required to build and maintain any kind of structure. Tekla models are genuinely constructible since they can give LOD 500, the maximum level of development imaginable. High LOD, as-built models save expensive surprises and RFIs, and they lead to more lucrative projects.

For more efficient workflows, you may also link, export, and import your data with other software programmes, digital building tools, and fabrication equipment. Additionally, the as-built models reduce expensive surprises and information requests (RFIs), increasing the profitability of your initiatives.

Tekla Structures has been tailored to your region’s building norms. The software comes in 32 environments with predetermined settings and data for different regions and is available in 17 languages.

  • Starting using structural BIM software is simple.

Tekla Structures requires a licence in order to be used. There are several different licencing alternatives available to us. You’re likely to discover a licence that meets your requirements, whether you require Tekla Structures for commercial, academic, or collaboration purposes.

With Tekla software, you can create models for any kind of construction made of any material or a combination of materials.  Through Tekla Open API, the software can communicate with many analysis and design (A&D) tools.

Coordination and visualisation with the model, drawings and reports, and effective change management are all advantages of interfacing with A&D programmes. On the same project model, engineers and draughtsmen can collaborate.

Tekla Structures is ideal for

  • Steel Detailers and Fabricators
  • Bridge Engineers
  • Concrete Contractors
  • Structural Engineers
  • Precast Detailers and Producers
  • Rebar

Why Learn Tekla Structures?

According to the research and markets analysis, there are opportunities in buildings, civil infrastructure, oil & gas, industrial, and utilities for the market for building information modelling.

The COVID-19-led global economic slowdown has caused a drop in the market for building information modelling worldwide in 2020. However, the market started to recover in 2021, and by 2025, it is predicted to have grown by 9% to 11%, reaching an estimated $9 billion.

Rapid urbanisation, an increase in infrastructure projects, and a rise in the use of BIM to effectively plan, design, and manage building projects are the main drivers of this industry.


The growth of artificial intelligence in BIM, the rise of modular construction and prefabrication, and increased demand for cloud collaboration based on BIM are some of the emerging trends that directly affect the dynamics of the business.

Additionally, you can quickly locate hundreds of job postings for Tekla Modellers and Detailers if you search LinkedIn Jobs.

Therefore, now is the ideal time for students of mechanical and civil engineering to understand Tekla structures in preparation for lucrative job chances.

Career and Jobs

The job offers are for the positions like;

  • Tekla Modeler
  • Steel Detailer
  • Tekla structures Coordinator
  • Tekla Structural Detailer
  • Tekla 3D Modeler

Where can I get Tekla Structures training?

Tekla Structures is among the most capable and sophisticated BIM software programmes, but it requires a bit more time to master because it includes more tools, settings, options, and customization chances.

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