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Structural Steel Detailing Course in TEKLA

Diploma in “TEKLA Steel Detailing” is suitable for people who need to become a steel detailing professional. After this course, students will be eligible for the post of TEKLA Jr Steel detailer/checker Post.

Covered Topic:

  • Introduction of Structural Steel Industry
  • Structural steel detailing concepts
  • Elements of steel construction
  • Working procedure in steel detailing industry
  • Types of structures and structural components
  • Steel detailing tools
  • Structural behavior of steel and section properties
  • Basic Design aspects
  • Introduction about bidding
  • Detailing of different structural elements
  • Properties of structural section
  • Different grades of steel
  • Contract drawing study for job execution
  • Methods of ABM Preparation
  • Beams and columns
  • Types of beams, various support conditions
  • Types of bracings
  • Bolt and bolting terminology
  • Weld: general concepts, types and symbols
  • Various connection types
  • Moment, shear and splice connections
  • Trusses and its types
  • Staircase and rails
  • Miscellaneous items
  • CNC
  • OSHA details
  • Paint specification details, galvanization
  • Drawing editing standards and procedure
  • Drawing and its types
  • Views of steel members
  • Detailing of anchor bolt plan and erection drawings
  • Detailing of fabrication drawing, its standards and concepts
  • Detailing of miscellaneous structures
  • Section and its types
  • Single part drawing editing
  • Drawing checking procedure and detailing check list preparation
  • Checking anchor bolt plan and erection drawings
  • Checking of fabrication drawing, its standards and concepts
  • Checking of miscellaneous structures
  • Single part drawing checking
  • About TEKLA and introduction to TEKLA structure software
  • Creating new model in TEKLA
  • Open model/save as/opening single-multi user model
  • Entering project properties
  • Creation of various views
  • Create plan and elevation
  • Placing of grids and work area
  • Placing of steel member in model
  • Other modeling properties and tools
  • System connections and macros
  • Connection applications
  • Introduction of component catalogue
  • Input base plate component
  • Input beam to column connections
  • Bracing connections
  • Miscellaneous items
  • Numbering series and phasing /Lotting/Sequencing
  • Drawing creations in TEKLA model and sample drawing detailing
  • Editing tools
  • Creation and editing of anchor bolt plan and erection drawings
  • Editing practical classe
  • Model checking procedures
  • Drawing checking procedures
  • Report creation in TEKLA
  • Job submission procedures
  • Revision works and procedures
  • Submission of change orders
  • Other trade coordination
  • Sample job with all procedures
  • Interview questions and discussions
  • Test paper and assignments.

Course Timing at Reliant Institute of Technology

  • Full time / Part time / Weekend - Tekla Basic Training


  • Full time - Monday to Friday
  • Part time - Monday to Friday - Morning
  • Part time - Monday to Friday - Evening
  • Weekend

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