Tekla Structural Steel Detailing Advanced Diploma

This course is aimed at professionals who is looking forward for a bright career in Tekla steel detailing field. The course delivery is total 300 hours which includes theory + software practical training + project practise . Student is given knowledge on how to progress on advance stages of modelling using Tekla Structures. This course equips the student to work as experienced hands on various projects and become productive on different client projects by customising Tekla output as per project requirement. After successful completion Course Certificate from the institute along with Trimble Certified Tekla structure professional Certificate is awarded.

Covered Topic


  • Introduction of Structural Steel Industry
  • Structural steel detailing concepts
  • Elements of steel construction
  • Working procedure in steel detailing industry
  • Types of structures and structural components
  • Steel detailing tools
  • Structural behavior of steel and section properties
  • Basic Design aspects


  • Introduction about bidding
  • Detailing of different structural elements
  • Properties of structural section
  • Different grades of steel
  • Contract drawing study for job execution
  • Methods of ABM Preparation
  • Beams and columns
  • Types of beams, various support conditions
  • Types of bracings


  • Bolt and bolting terminology
  • Weld: general concepts, types and symbols
  • Various connection types
  • Moment, shear and splice connections
  • Trusses and its types
  • Staircase and rails
  • Miscellaneous items
  • CNC
  • OSHA details
  • Paint specification details, galvanization


  • Drawing editing standards and procedure
  • Drawing and its types
  • Views of steel members
  • Detailing of anchor bolt plan and erection drawings
  • Detailing of fabrication drawing, its standards and concepts
  • Detailing of miscellaneous structures
  • Section and its types
  • Single part drawing editing


  • Drawing checking procedure and detailing check list preparation
  • Checking anchor bolt plan and erection drawings
  • Checking of fabrication drawing, its standards and concepts
  • Checking of miscellaneous structures
  • Single part drawing checking


  • About TEKLA and introduction to TEKLA structure software
  • Creating new model in TEKLA
  • Open model/save as/opening single-multi user model
  • Entering project properties
  • Creation of various views
  • Create plan and elevation
  • Placing of grids and work area
  • Placing of steel member in model
  • Other modeling properties and tools


  • System connections and macros
  • Connection applications
  • Introduction of component catalogue
  • Input base plate component
  • Input beam to column connections
  • Bracing connections
  • Miscellaneous items


  • Numbering series and phasing /Lotting/Sequencing
  • Drawing creations in TEKLA model and sample drawing detailing
  • Editing tools
  • Creation and editing of anchor bolt plan and erection drawings
  • Editing practical classec


  • Model checking procedures
  • Drawing checking procedures
  • Report creation in TEKLA
  • Job submission procedures
  • Revision works and procedures
  • Submission of change orders
  • Other trade coordination


  • Sample job with all procedures
  • Interview questions and discussions
  • Test paper and assignments.

Course Timing at Reliant Institute of Technology

  • Full time / Part time / Weekend - Tekla Basic Training


  • Full time - Monday to Friday
  • Part time - Monday to Friday - Morning
  • Part time - Monday to Friday - Evening
  • Weekend

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