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Tekla Structures is adaptable programming and utilized worldwide for each Structural Engineering application including Process plant buildings, Power Plant and Utilities, Bulk Material Handling, Boilers, High Rise Buildings, Pre Engineered Buildings, Offshore Structures, Towers, Bridges and additionally Miscellaneous Structures like Stairs, Handrails and has parametric macros to fulfill client requirements and also worldwide standards.

BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING (BIM) is a process of creating and managing building data during its development is a three dimensional, real–time, dynamic building modeling computer program in which you can increase productivity throughout building design and construction. This process produces the BIM, which then interconnects the building geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, qualities and properties with all the related building components.

BIM makes a reliable digital representation of the building available for design decision making, high quality production, construction planning, performance predictions and cost estimates. Having the ability to keep information up to date and accessible in an integrated digital environment gives architects, engineers, builders and owners a clear overall vision of all their projects as well as the ability to make informed decisions faster

Tekla Structures’ capacity to handle large amount of information that used for formation of accurately detailed and very constructable 3D model that applies to each phase of design and construction. The Tekla models are normally built in parallel, Presenting the ‘as-built’ state of a building. The building information modeling process covers geometry, space, light, geographic information, quantities and properties of building components. BIM can be used to demonstrate the entire building life cycle, including the processes of construction and facility operation. Tekla Structures incorporates Specialized configuration for structural designers, steel detailers and fabricators, precast concrete detailers and manufactures, and additionally construction organizations.

Tekla offers structural engineers a Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution that supports construction from conceptual design through to fabrication, erection, and site management. Tekla Structures software is a more efficient way of working for structural engineering offices. It includes a complete set of tools for working with other disciplines, enabling structural engineers to compete for more complex and prestigious contracts.

More than detailing software

Tekla detailing software is powerful and flexible software for structural steel detailers and fabricators. It is used to create a detailed, constructible 3D model of any steel structure from industrial and commercial buildings to stadiums and high rise buildings. Working with Tekla software is the most productive way to manage detailing and realize the benefits of the model in fabrication and erection. This gives you support for delivering your projects error free and on time.

Tekla Building Information Modeling software brings advantages to the site and the office: Coordinate design, fabrication and site operations for an enhanced, more automated workflow. The information-rich models provide a powerful source of intelligent and well organized information for fabrication, with data for CNC processing, material handling and robotic welding.

Innovative technology

The structural steel industry is facing more challenges due to shorter lead times, lack of complete information, problems in revision handling, and a wider need to collaborate with other disciplines. Tekla Structures enables the most data-rich, highly constructable 3D and 4D structural building information models, and is a significant contrast to current document-based platforms where drawings and reports are distributed and reworked among different organizations.

Key benefits of Tekla Structures for the steel industry include

Integration with other systems

Tekla Structures software integrates with other systems such as production and resource planning systems and CNC machines. Such collaboration allows all project participants to access project information in real-time.

Tekla Structures’ project management functionality allows showing building information graphically to create a better understanding of the project’s overall status.

The Tekla model easily combines different building materials to promote efficient project management and error-free collaboration throughout the entire building value chain. Tekla Structures can be used to create all types of structures.