AutoCAD 2D & 3D

An AutoCAD is used to create computer aided designs or software application. AutoCAD develops application in both 2D and 3D formats and provide the required information to the application. AutoCAD helps design the softwares used in the industry, architectures and project management.

Covered Topic

  • Creating Drawings
  • Modifying Drawing
  • Status bar toggles
  • Drawing properties
  • Hatch and gradient
  • Managing drawing with layers
  • Dimensioning and annotations
  • Working with Text and Table
  • Working with Blocks and Groups
  • Using Attributes
  • Working with external references
  • Parametric feature
  • Dynamic Block
  • Layout, Printing and Publishing
  • Introduction to 3D Modeling
  • Modeling Workflow
  • Editing Models
  • Sectioning a Model and Creating Drawings
  • Modeling Workflow
  • Visualization

Revit Structure

Autodesk Revit Architecture is an architectural design and documentation software application created by the Autodesk for architects and building professionals. The tools and features of Revit Architecture are specifically designed to support building information modeling(BIM) workflows. Revit helps designers design, simulate,visualize and collaborate in order to capitalize on the advantages of the interconnected data within a BIM model.

Covered Topic

  • Introduction to Building Information Modelling
  • To Start a Project
  • Drawing Aids
  • Project Units
  • Levels
  • Drawing a plan as per Dimension
  • More in Detail's Wall
  • Working with Grids
  • Modify Tools
  • Dimensions
  • Ceiling
  • Roof
  • Opening
  • Components
  • Managing Views
  • Curtain wall
  • Stairs
  • Ramp, Railings,Massing, Schedule/ Quantities
  • Sheets, Lights, Materials
  • Rendering, Walkthroughs
  • Site Design, Export, Room and Area Reports
  • Decals, Family Creation


Primavera is extensive, elite, multi-task arranging and control program. It is perfect for venture focused commercial enterprises. Primavera offers associations some assistance with managing pretty much any sort of portfolio. Primavera gives a huge number of approaches to arrange, channel and sort exercise, activities, and assets. It has a rich graphical interface to arrange and oversee and give an account of ventures.

Covered Topic

  • Project Management Life Cycle
  • Creation of Project
  • Creating logbooks
  • Working with EPS and OBS
  • Scheduling
  • Use of Constraints in Primavera
  • Resource administration
  • Tracking
  • Risk administration
  • Managing portfolios and dashboards
  • Reports
  • Application of advancement columnist and colleague

Course Timing at Reliant Institute of Technology

  • Full time / Part time / Weekend - Tekla Basic Training


  • Full time - Monday to Friday
  • Part time - Monday to Friday - Morning
  • Part time - Monday to Friday - Evening
  • Weekend