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Reliant Institution of Technology is an authorized Tekla Training Center in Kochi, Kerala, with a well-structured training program that suits different industries. We are a group of passionate engineers and respected consultants who have come together to impart quality education. Our Tekla training methods are updated based on feedback from different companies and industries. It makes our vision and mission more effective. We provide free study materials and placement assistance for our students with the best quality training from experienced faculty.

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Our Vision

To embed youth with core knowledge and to mould a center of excellence that shall build tomorrow’s leaders who will drive innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.


Our Mission

To become a pinnacle of the industry by bringing the standard of the education which enhance the students to match the employability quality.

Our History

Reliant Institute of Technology is an authorised Tekla training centre in Kerala since 2016 and the first training centre of Tekla in Kerala. We have won the best Tekla training centre in India.

Know about the SOFTWARE

Advancing knowledge and innovation for a better world

Software programs along with the TEKLA Courses in Kerala allow architects, engineers, and other construction professionals to create a digital representation of a building or structure. This can help to improve collaboration, communication, and decision-making throughout the construction process.

Tekla Structures

Tekla software is a suite of building information modeling (BIM) software products used in the construction industry for steel and concrete detailing, precast and cast in-situ.


AutoCAD is a designing and drafting software of Autodesk which allows us to create accurate drawings using different tools in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry


3ds Max is a popular software used for architectural visualization to generate photorealistic images of buildings in the design phase. V-Ray is a rendering plug-in software that creates high-quality 3D visualizations.

Primavera & MS PROJECT​

Primavera and Microsoft Project (MSP) are project planning software used for planning, managing and executing project works. It's designed to handle large and small projects in construction and manufacturing.


STAAD Pro is a designing and analysing software for buildings, towers, bridges, etc. It also includes a variety of design features that can be used to design structures in accordance with variety of design codes

Revit Architecture & Revit Structures

Autodesk Revit is a BIM software that helps architects, engineers, and other construction professionals improve their work's efficiency and quality for designing residential and commercial buildings.

Our Academics

Developing structural engineers with the best Tekla training courses in Kochi

Tekla training courses in Kochi can teach structural engineers how to use Tekla Structures to its full potential. This includes learning how to create 3D models of structures, conduct analysis, and generate drawings and reports.

Academic excellence

Unique training modules which give equal focus on Personality Development, Employability and Interview Skills.

Across the globe

Collaborate with organizations at national and international levels in areas of research, training, seminars and conferences.

"Tekla Structures is the most powerful and versatile structural engineering software on the market."

John Smith, Structural Engineer

Why Choose Us

Why choose Reliant Institute of Technology?

Reliant Institute of Technology is the Authorized TEKLA Training Center in Kerala providing quality education, industry-relevant courses, and experienced instructors.

Internationally Accredited

Project Oriented Training

Industry Expert Faculty Members

100% Job Oriented

Excellent Placement Track Record

Well-equipped labs and state of the art facilities

F. A. Q

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Tekla software and job opportunities.

Tekla software for the whole steel workflow .Tekla Structures is Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that enables the creation and management of accurately detailed, highly construct able 3D structural models regardless of material or structural complexity. 


Yes, Tekla is a BIM software. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling, and it is a process that uses 3D models to create, manage, and share information about a building project. Tekla Structures is a software program that allows users to create 3D models of buildings, bridges, and other structures. It can also be used to generate detailed fabrication and erection drawings, as well as reports and data sheets.

Tekla Structures is a powerful software program that can be used to detail a wide variety of structures. Here are some of the different types of detailing that can be done in Tekla:

  • Steel detailing.
  • Concrete detailing.
  • Precast detailing.
  • Miscellaneous detailing: Tekla can also be used to detail a variety of other structures, such as timber structures, masonry structures, and hybrid structures


Tekla software can be used for a wide range of applications in the construction industry. Some of the most common uses of Tekla software include:

  • Building design: Tekla software can be used to design all types of buildings, from small residential homes to large skyscrapers.
  • Bridge design: Tekla software can be used to design bridges of all types, including suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges, and truss bridges.
  • Offshore structures: Tekla software can be used to design offshore structures, such as oil platforms, wind turbines, and floating LNG terminals.
  • Industrial structures: Tekla software can be used to design industrial structures, such as factories, power plants, and warehouses.
  • Heavy civil structures: Tekla software can be used to design heavy civil structures, such as bridges, tunnels, and dams.


A steel detailer should capable to read contract drawings properly, then only they can do work perfectly with the help of Tekla. So both technical and software knowledge need to enter steel detailing industry.



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Reliant Institute of Technology is an authorized TEKLA training center


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